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1.  Can I order component parts for Commercial Rubbermaid products from your company. 

Yes, we can get you parts for the commercial Rubbermaid products,  just provide us with a part number, description of part if possible. 

2. Can I order Rubbermaid Home Products as well from your company? 

Yes, if you send us a description or better yet a part number we can provide you with pricing, availability, carton quantity (full cartons required) 

3.Can I buy in single quantities or do I have to buy in full cartons. 

If it is a regularly stocked item we will break carton quantities.  If it's not a a stocked item then you will be required to buy the full carton only 

4.  How long do I have to wait for an item that is not in stock? 

Normally most orders are processed in 10 working days.  Some items are back ordered from factory or have a special lead time (this should be indicated on website) and will be processed as quickly as we can obtain them. 

5.  What type of warranty is there on Rubbermaid Commercial Products? 

Rubbermaid has an unwritten 1 year warranty with normal use of product.  If any product has been altered in any way the warranty is null and void.