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Janitorial Supplies

Virtually all the wholesale cleaning products and janitorial supplies you need for your facility or place of business are available from Rubbermaid Wholesale Whether you need folding step stools, floor and carpet sweepers, dual action sweepers, single stall sanitary napkin receptacles, brushless mechanical sweepers, or economy SeBreeze aerosol odor neutralizing unit, we can provide your maintenance and housekeeping departments with everything it needs to run smoothly. The right cleaning equipment can make all the difference; and we have the products and supplies that can get things done right the first time. Among the dozens of useful items you'll want to consider for your housekeeping/ janitorial staff are the Tandem 31 Qt Bucket and Wringer Combo, pail and mop strainer combination, Compact Housekeeping Cart, cleaning cart with zippered yellow bag, as well as an assortment of dusting mops, cotton mops, rayon mops, squeegee replacement parts, overhead dusting tools, wall washers, canvass linen accessory bags, high capacity cleaning carts, microfiber cleaning cart, plus everything from heavy duty gloves to closet organizers/tool holder kits. Browse our online catalog for the full selection.
View: Wet Mop Heads

Wet Mop Heads

View: Microfiber Cleaning Supplies

Microfiber Cleaning Supplies

View: WaveBrake Mopping Sytems

WaveBrake Mopping Sytems

View: Cleaning Carts and Accessories

Cleaning Carts and Accessories

View: Housekeeping Carts

Housekeeping Carts

View: Wet Mop Handles

Wet Mop Handles

View: Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

View: Brooms and Brushes

Brooms and Brushes

View: Carpet Bonnets

Carpet Bonnets

View: Dust Mops Frames Handles and Dusters

Dust Mops Frames Handles and Dusters

View: Floor Squegees

Floor Squegees

View: Lobby Pro Upright Dust Pans and Accessories

Lobby Pro Upright Dust Pans and Accessories

View: Lobby Pro Wet/Dry Spill Pan

Lobby Pro Wet/Dry Spill Pan

View: Mechanical Sweepers

Mechanical Sweepers

View: Mopping Equipment

Mopping Equipment

View: Odor Control Products

Odor Control Products

View: Spray Bottle/Trigger and Carry Caddy

Spray Bottle/Trigger and Carry Caddy

View: Stepstools Mobile and Two-Step

Stepstools Mobile and Two-Step

View: Wall Washer Kit

Wall Washer Kit

View: Washroom and Organizational Tools

Washroom and Organizational Tools