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Safety Equipment

An all-too-common cause of injuries and lawsuits is the occurrence of slips, trips, and falls at businesses and other public places. Our safety cones, floor signs, and hanging safety signs give business owners and facility managers the means with which to notify the public of potential hazards, while reducing the threat of expensive lawsuits. We offer 2-sided and 4-sided multi-lingual floor signs that display the following messages: "Caution", "Caution Wet Floor", and "Closed". We also carry large saftey cones that come imprinted with similar safety messages, including a 36-inch cone that reads "Caution, Safety First". Other effective ways to alert the public to slippery floors or other possible  hazards incluce our folding safety cone with the word "Caution" imprinted in English, Spanish, and French. You can also purchase stable safety signs, with the either the international wet floor symbol or the word "caution" imprinted in multiple languages. Though our online catalog, we also offer hanging multi-lingual signs that say "Closed for Cleaning" or "Caution" (with a falling person symbol).

Our other safety equipment includes: pop-up safety cones , mobile barrier, cone barricade system, lock-in sign holder for safety cones, flashing hazard light for safety cones, barrier chain, over-the-spill pad tablet, Over-the-Spill Station Pads, Over-the-spill station Kit, and Folding safety cone with International wet floor symbol. 

View: Cone Barrier System

Cone Barrier System

View: Floor Safety Signs and Accessories

Floor Safety Signs and Accessories

View: Mobile Barrier

Mobile Barrier

View: Over-the-Spill System

Over-the-Spill System

View: Pop-Up Safety and Folding Safety Cones

Pop-Up Safety and Folding Safety Cones

View: Safety Cones and Accessories

Safety Cones and Accessories

View: Site Safety Hanging Signs

Site Safety Hanging Signs

View: Stable  Safety Signs

Stable Safety Signs